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FTP Information for

For your portfolio assignment and your projects, you will upload your files to

You need to start by downloading an FTP (file transfer protocol) program that makes this process easy to do.  I recommend Filezilla (opens in new window) or Cyberduck (opens in new window) because they are both free, robust, and they work on both Macs and Windows systems.

Once you have a program, you’ll need some information:

host =

username =

port = 21

password = see email

Once you’re logged on

You’ll see your local machine on the left, and the remote server, the inner workings of on the right. You will see a series of files on the right, one of which is “portfolios.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.03.40 PM
This is a screenshot of what Filezilla will look like.
  • double click on portfolios (another screen will appear on right and you’ll see another folder “test”)
  • right click anywhere in the window
  • select create directory
  • type your last name in the field

Now you’re ready to move your portfolio files into your directory.

  • double click on your named directory
  • navigate to your files on the left in the local site
  • drag your test image over into your folder

You can view your image by

FTP Information for Projects

You’ll repeat the same process as you did for your portfolios for your projects.  However, instead of going into the “portfolios” folder, you will create a folder with your project name directly in the same window when you connect (i.e, the same window where “portfolios” is).  Thus, when your projects are uploaded, I should see the portfolios folder and then project folders.

We will be working on three projects during the course of the term.  As we discussed in class, it’s important that everyone kind of have a sense of what is happening with the other projects and that you’re keeping good records of what’s been done and what needs to be done. It is likely that you may switch among projects during the course of the term.

New Projects

We will be working on a new project that is affiliated with GSOLE and CPTSC. 

The primary purpose of this site is to be the go-to location for college writing instructors to find useful accessibility resources for designing online writing courses.

Editing project

In the latter part of the term, we’ll switch to a content management project that will be editing/revising/updating an existing site. In this scenario, we’ll split into multiple teams so that we can present the client multiple options as we go along. Many projects in the workplace are re-designs or updates of existing projects so this will give you exposure to the nuances and complexities of this kind of project.

Our client for this project will be the Aubrey Rose Foundation. The client needs an updated look, a reorganization of the site, and improved content.



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