Web Project Redesign

Learning Objectives

  • Assess the needs of the client’s purpose and proposed audience and apply that assessment to the design of the Website
  • Conceive and carry out a web design project using a content management system based website
  • Use information design and graphics for functional and aesthetic purposes
  • Create and edit content to meet the needs of the client’s audience and purpose
  • Create a usability test protocol and conduct a usability test
  • Implement accessibility guidelines
  • Practice working collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

This project will involve a total re-design of an existing website. In three teams, you will take on the tasks of

  • selecting a new theme
  • performing an audience and purpose analysis through the creation of personas
  • creating a new information architecture
  • updating the existing code files to customize the site
  • installing relevant and appropriate plug-ins
  • conducting an informal user test and a formal user test
  • ensuring the site is accessible

You will be redesigning the non-profit Aubry Rose Foundation.

Additional information and existing files can be found on the project management page.

Client Presentations

Your client presentation will need to be no longer than 10 minutes (closer to 7 would be ideal) and all members need to speak. You should have some sort of visual aid (slideware, adobe presentation, something) to help visualize your main points. Your presentation should include

  • what you felt were the biggest needs in the redesign
  • how your team specifically addressed those needs
  • overview of your information architecture with specific attention to how it aligned with your thinking of personas
  • features you included that need to be highlighted

Keep in mind that while I have outlined your presentation in the language of web design, your client is not familiar with that language. Thus, what you say needs to be said in a way she will understand it.

Reports for the client

You will also hand your client (and email me) a copy of a report that includes, at the very least, the following:

  • a brief synopsis of your design, architecture, and content decisions
  • style guide
  • explanations of specific plug-ins or features that you included
  • missing or still needed content
  • suggestions for the next phase of updates
  • appendix materials: personas and journey maps, usability test plan, usability report

Due: November 29 Presentations to Client; if changes are needed, December 4, 2016

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