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One of my favorite things to ask students to do is to pick things out to share. I am always surprised at what y’all bring to class and the other students always seem to benefit from it as well. That’s why I asked you to share an article that you found particularly helpful/useful about web design. Following are you choices (including some rationales for those of you who gave me one):

  • Shows best practices from top 50 websites
  • Important to consider standards, because people expect a site to be laid out in a certain way, or they may have trouble with navigation
  • DO NOT want to confuse the user, or we will lose them
  • Know that standards are important, and it’s okay to customize your design or deviate from the norm, but you need to make sure the site is intuitive
  • This is also a great checklist to make sure that you’ve included everything you should on your home page, and positioned it in the best way possible

A couple of you chose this article: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/elements-of-modern-web-design-list#sm.0000xqkucuf08dkypqg2janpppfbw

12 Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success in 2016

• Included design tips I hadn’t seen or thought of before
• Current since it’s for 2016
• Includes tips about trying material design,
establishing a style guide for use on your site, and phasing out things that this
blogger considers outdated (like side navigation bars and sliders).


This particular video talks about HTML is like a hamburger. The videos are short and
cover a lot of beginning CSS and HTML information.


I like the way this article is written and the examples used because they are all


I don’t like all of the designs they use as examples, but I like that they give
specific examples (good for inspiration) and show that it is possible to manage a
high volume of content in a visually appealing, organized way.

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