Learning Objectives

  • Practice thinking through purpose and audience concerns when developing a Web site.
  • Practice hand coding HTML and CSS
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic web page creation, including HTML and CSS, as well as publishing pages properly to a web server
  • Discuss your work in critically informed ways drawing on the vocabulary of Web design principles

Why a portfolio?

Portfolio’s have a couple of purposes and uses: they can be used as a learning and assessment tool while you’re still in the PW program, and they can easily be converted/modified to be used to help you land  a job. In the latter instance, they become your online presence and identity that gives more information than a linkedin profile.

Your portfolio will provide potential employers the opportunity to see your work, and it will also demonstrate that you have certain technological literacies and proficiencies.

This assignment has three parts

  • a personal portfolio produced with a specific Web-based tool
  • a personal portfolio hand coded (home page and one interior page)
  • a reflective short essay

Portfolio with a specific Web-based tool

NB:  Some of you may have started this as a requirement in the PW program. If you already have one, that’s great. If you have all the components listed below, then you’re lucky and you can skip this first part.

In the last several years, many Web-based tools have proliferated online. All of them are versions of WYSIWYG editors (what you see is what you get; pronounced wissywig). The common feature of WYSIWYG editors is that the editing area resembles other tools, most notably the tool bars in Microsoft Word.

You will first need to create a 3 page portfolio using a tool like WordPress, Google Sites, Wix, or Weebly.

At a minimum, you will need to

  • create an account (at wordpress, wix, weebly, googlesites)
  • post your resume on the site and link to a pdf printable version
  • post 2 projects that you’ve completed in the program and/or at your job and/or in some other capacity
    • These projects should highlight specific skills that you’d like to show potential employers and should include descriptions of the projects, your role, and what makes this a good piece.

Due: September 13, 2016






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