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Organizing Information Exercise

Organizing Information Exercise

Now that you’re an organizational expert, you’ve been contracted to help a junior associate revise a quarterly report. Read the (very rough) first draft below. When you’ve finished, rewrite the passage by reorganizing the text. Note any spaces where transitions are needed or could be revised. Pay particular attention to flow of ideas and paragraph breaks.

Sample quarterly report:
This has been a trying time for the Wonka corporation. Despite our new marketing initiative and rebranding of FunDipTM, we are deep in the red. Various Oompa-Loompa union representatives have voiced concerns over the lack of workplace safety improvements. Profits are still in decline for the third quarter in a row. Given our market analysis research, projected sales after the new product release should rival the advent of the Gobstopper! Mr. Wonka has yet to comment on whether or not he will be discontinuing boat tours through the facilities during normal working hours. It’s important to remember, though, we’re not out of the woods yet. Should a worker strike materialize, however, any shot at a gradual recovery could be totally jeopardized. Things are looking up for Wonka! To combat these threats to our profits and public image, we will be launching a new product series next month. If revenue does not increase dramatically in the next few months, we’ll be forced into closing down another factory in the Midwest. The new Wonka (De)Light-Bites offer a healthier snacking option that should help us compete more effectively within the crossover market share. Things are always darkest before the dawn. We are still receiving some bad rumblings in the press about the most recent occupational fatalities involving the chocolate river.

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