Report-Writing Resources for Instructors

The following resources are intended to serve as a guide for instructors to familiarize themselves with the overall structure of professional reports and the purposes of individual sections within those reports. Many of these resources are extremely prescriptive, some are contradictory, and none can cover the full breadth of reports one would see in a typical field. This list is not intended to be shared with students.

“The Virtual Work Skills You Need” — Reading

The following article was originally published in the Harvard Business Review and has been linked here as a .pdf for easy sharing. This reading is useful to share with students to help them understand that collaborative writing skills (like the ones they develop during a report project) can be useful to them in many future career endeavors.


“A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)”–Reading

The following article was originally published on and has been linked here as a .pdf for sharing. This is another article focusing on strategies for collaboration.

Sample Feasibility Report, USF Stadium Study

If you are new to teaching long reports, referring to professional examples can be extremely helpful. This is a sample feasibility report from the University of South Florida regarding the viability of building a new stadium. This can be used for instructor reference or as a way to discuss with students how reports look in the workplace.


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