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Presentation Exercises

Presentation Exercises

Individual: Create a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation that illustrates a process, theory, or practice common in your field or major. The presentation must be three to five minutes, and it must include terminology specific to your field. Your audience is a group of high school seniors considering a career in your field. Design a minimum of five slides: a cover and a closing slide, along with at least three content slides.

Group: In groups of four or five, find a recent news story covering a development or problem in a field that interests all of you. Research the following:

  • Background on the story
  • Technical details of the development or problem
  • Plans to use the development or solve the problem

Develop a presentation that explains each of the components of the story you researched. Conclude by advocating for a specific application of the development, solution to the problem, or protocol for ensuring that the problem doesn’t occur again, as your group decides is appropriate. Distribute research, presentation design, and presentation roles among your group members. You can use any slide application you choose, including Google Slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Presentations must be nine to 11 minutes in length.

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