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Using Visuals in Document Design

Using Visuals in Document Design

This activity asks you to analyze a sample document that uses visuals, focusing on document and visual design elements and the way the visuals are integrated into text to make an argument/point. Your work will help you design effective documents that integrate visuals.


Select one of the following sample visual reports to analyze:

Analyze the document for use of the following design elements:


  • Headers, footers, titles
  • Headings and bulleted lists
  • Labeling of visuals
  • Placement and size of visuals
  • References to visuals in the text
  • Use of color

For each of the above elements, answer the following questions:


  • Is the element used in the report?
  • How is the element used? What’s the element’s purpose?
  • Is the element used effectively?

Your analysis will help you design your document and effectively integrate visuals.

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Using Visuals in Document Design pdf

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