Storyboarding: Connecting Visuals to Argument

In this exercise, you will summarize numerical data to support a specific point/purpose for a specific audience through the visual practice of storyboarding. You will be working with your preselected data set. Plan how you will integrate visuals into the “story” your document seeks to present.

  • Describe each visual you are planning in detail – i.e., a pie chart, a line graph – and why that’s the appropriate choice for your data.
  • Describe where you will place the planned visuals within the body of the text that explains the story your data is telling.
  • Explain why you have chosen to use the visuals, and their corresponding point in the narrative, in the order you’ve presented.
    • Can these visuals be used in a different order that would strengthen the story?
    • Could any other types of data visuals been used to tell the story?

You can use blank sheets of paper for each visual and its corresponding point (summary). This gives you the ability to move the individual visuals (and points) around to determine the most logical flow for the story.

Storyboarding to Connect Visuals to an Argument PDF

Storyboarding to Connect Visuals to an Argument Docx

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