Resume and Cover Letter

Supplemental Exercises and Activities for the Resume Project

These three exercises help students develop a better understanding of how to research the job market, a particular industry, and a specific ad they think they’d like to apply for.

Job Market Research

Job Ad Selection Analysis

Job Ad Keyword Activity

Once they’ve conducted job market research, the next three exercises provide them with some resources and tips on how to begin crafting their own resumes by looking at others.

Resume Tutorial Hunt

Swipe File

Who Reads Resumes?

Finally, once they’ve created the resume, students need to consider the next steps in the hiring process. These could include drafting a cover letter, preparing their online process to be better curated for potential employers, and how to speak confidently in an interview.

Cover Letter Tips

Employers Snoop

Professional Profile

Establishing a Web Presence

Job Interview Videos

Elevator Pitch Examples

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