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Introduction to Reports: PAD Analysis of Exemplars

Introduction to Reports: PAD Analysis of Exemplars

The goal of this activity is to familiarize you with reports—a broad genre that takes many forms with the common goal of delivering information. Note the similarities and differences between different types of reports. This exercise asks you to think about audience and form. Additionally, it helps you become more aware of document design and the relationship between purpose, audience, and design.


 The assignment:

  • Use Google to find two sample reports
    • One should be any type of report you want to look at
    • One should be a feasibility report
  • For each report, write a brief analysis of the following:
    • Purpose: What is the report doing? What’s the goal?
    • Audience: Who was the report written for? What aspects of the report suggest who the audience is?
    • Design: Describe the format (structure, headings, figures, etc.).
    • Describe the organization–list all the sections included in the report and a brief summary (one sentence) of each section.
  • After analyzing each report, write a short paragraph comparing the two reports. What similarities and differences do you see? Especially focus on organization and structure.
  • Respond to at least one of your peers’ posts. Compare what you learned in analyzing your reports to what they learned in analyzing theirs.

Remember that your written analysis is a form of professional communication and that the form that communication takes matters.

PAD Analysis of Reports PDF

PAD Analysis of Reports Docx

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