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Visual Exemplar Analysis Activity

Visual Exemplar Analysis Activity

This exercise is designed to familiarize you with the terminology that applies to data visualizations and to help develop critical thinking about visualizations.

In your group, find a data visualization to analyze. Once you’ve found one, share the URL with me so I can project it when we discuss your team’s analysis.

Address in your analysis:

  • The type of visual and its effectiveness
  • Appropriateness of the type of visual for the data
  • Purpose and Audience
  • Color use
  • Design

Remember that a strong analysis includes more than the “what” response to the above points. A strong analysis will dig into the “how’s and why’s,” and possibly the “what for’s,” exploring connections among the elements of analysis and what you have learned about PTC.

Visual Exemplar Analysis Exercise PDF

Visual Exemplar Analysis Exercise Docx

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