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Composing a Team Charter

Composing a Team Charter

A team charter is a basic written agreement that explains how a team will work together and hold each other accountable. Team charters aren’t necessary for good collaboration, but they do help a great deal when the team begins experiencing communication problems or disagreements about the quality of work. With an explicit set of policies and procedures, it is a lot easier to address issues and recent them from affecting the project.

Rules of Engagement:

  • This is a group assignment. Only one member of your team needs to submit the agenda/minutes as a PDF.
  • Use a memo format for this document.

Include in the Charter:

  • Team name
  • Brief bios and contact information for each member
    • For bios, identify the background and skills each member possesses. Each bio should only be a few sentences, and the information listed should be relevant to the work you will be doing for the project.
  • Your team’s chosen collaboration method(s)—i.e., Google docs, face-2-face meetings on a regular schedule (e.g., every Tuesday), Trello, Slack, etc.
  • Your team’s chosen Project Manager
  • These 8 items:
    • Overall, broad team goals for the project
    • Measurable, specific team goals
    • Personal goals
    • Individual levels of commitment to the project
    • Other information about team members that may affect the project
    • Statement of how the team will resolve impasses or conflicts
    • Statement of how the team will handle missed deadlines
    • Statement of what constitutes unacceptable work and how the team will handle this

Composing a Team Charter PDF

Composing a Team Charter Docx

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