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Week 9: October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

Topic: PTC

Read for Class:

  • Brumberger, E., & Lauer, C. (2015). The Evolution of Technical Communication: An Analysis of Industry Job Postings. Technical Communication, 62(4), 224-243 Compare to Lauer, C., & Brumberger, E. (2019). Redefining writing for the responsive workplace.College Composition and Communication, 70(4), 634-663. (just skim these two but try to pick up on the audience differences between them)
  • Schreiber, J., Carrion, M., & Lauer, J. (2018). Revisiting the service course to map out the future of the field. Programmatic Perspectives, 10(1), 1-11. Find it online at
  • Henschel, S., & Melonçon, L. (2014). Of Horsemen and Layered Literacies: Assessment Instruments for Aligning Technical and Professional Communication Undergraduate Curricula with Professional Expectations. Programmatic Perspectives, 6(1), 3-26. Find it online at

Do for class:

  • write a short summary (like no more than a page single spaced) of how you see the big concept of rhetorical knowledge in action working in your specific area or in your interests within higher education or moving into the workplace
  • consider what your takeaway is about PTC admin and the field is from the readings above and be prepared to discuss them

In class:

  • discussion of the readings as it relates to PTC program administration
    • how these align or not with some of your own knowledge and readings about FYC program administration
  • social media in your working lives discussion
  • writing practice discussion (debrief of your apply assignment) and discussion of your analyze assignment
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