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Week 7: October 8, 2019

October 8, 2019

Topic: Administrative Framing

Read for Class:

  • Inoue, Asao. (2017) C’s address. If you would rather listen to it, just do a google search and the video will pop up.

Do for class:

  • write a short response to the address in light of the context of institutional administration and consider ways to put into practice the ideas he is discussing
  • bring to class an article from your field/area with a brief summary that discusses the administrative or management framing from the perspective of the “other”

In class:

  • guest: Dr. Elliot
  • discussion of keynote and practical application
    • mini-overview of administration
  • Due: Apply project 
    • what worked? what didn’t?
  • prepare questions for our quest next week
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