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Week 6: October 1, 2019

October 1, 2019

Topic: Practice

Read for Class

You can skim all of these and none of them are overly long.

Do for class:

  • bring to class a couple of questions/comments about these articles. Questions or comments are those points that you had a question about or a question about how the readings fit into larger conversations or a comment on something you found interesting or disturbing or what have you.
  • bring in an article from your field/area that describes a specific application in the world, that is, find a piece that tries to move theory into practice into some way remembering that your definition(s) or practice or application can definitely vary

In class:

  • guest visit from Laura Runge
  • discussion of the readings
    • exercise on connections between them; consider these in relation to the idea of apparatus
    • considerations of doing and making with these
  • prepare questions for our guest next week
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