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Week 5: September 24, 2019

September 24, 2019

Topic: Theoretical Framework

Read for Class:

  • Agamben, G. (2009). What is apparatus and other essays (D. Kishik & S. Pedatella, Trans.). Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.  Read what is an apparatus. Full text is attached.
  • Clifton, J., Loveridge, J., & Long, E. (2016). A Constructive Approach to Infrastructure: Infrastructure ‘Breakdowns’ and the Cultivation of Rhetorical Wisdom. Community Literacy Journal, 11(1), 22-32.

Do for class:

  • be prepared to ask questions about the essay and the article
    • think through how you might use this idea of apparatus or infrastructure
  • bring in an article from your field/area that discusses a theory that could be potentially used to understand institutions and/or infrastructures

In class:

  • guest: Rob Kilgore
  • discussion of reading
    • discuss connection between Agamben and Foucault and what that means for knowledge in action
    • exercise on using apparatus or infrastructure
    • what connections can you see between Ahmed, Anzuldúa, and Agamben?
  • prepare questions for our guest next week
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