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Week 2: September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

Topic: institutional critique

Read for Class:

  • Tierney, W. (1988). Organizational Culture in Higher Education: Defining the Essentials. The Journal of Higher Education, 59(1), 2-21. (skim only)
  • These three kind of go together so do a between skim and read them in this order
    • Porter, J. E., Sullivan, P., Blythe, S., Grabill, J. T., & Miles, L. (2000). Institutional critique: A rhetorical methodology for change. College Composition and Communication, 51(4), 610-642.
    • Bousquet, M. (2002). Composition as Management Science: Toward a University without a WPA. JAC, 22(3), 493-526.
    • Grabill, J. T., Porter, J. E., Blythe, S., & Miles, L. (2003). Institutional critique revisited. Work and Days, 41/42(1-2), 219-237.

Do for class:

  • bring to class a couple of questions/comments about the readings. Questions or comments are those points that you had a question about or a question about how the readings fit into larger conversations or a comment on something you found interesting or disturbing or what have you.

In class:

  • discussion of the readings
    • explanation of the rationale for the readings and what we need to draw from them
    • institutional critique and the role of rhetoric and knowledge and action
  • preparing some questions for our guest next week
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