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Week 1: August 27, 2019

August 27, 2019

Topic: Introductions

Read for Class

Do for class:

  • answer the following questions and send to me prior to the beginning of class:
    • how would you define rhetoric? action?
    • what do you feel is the relationship of theory to practice/praxis?
    • when you hear the word knowledge what goes to mind?
    • describe yourself (at the moment) in terms of who you believe you are as a teacher/scholar/practitioner. If this has changed, please tell me why it has changed. (The goal of this is to get you thinking about your next steps, whatever they may be.)
    • tell me what requirement or curiosity this course fills.

In class:

  • discussion of Aristotle’s ethics in relation to your answers from “do for class”
  • overview of the course structure
  • introduction to institutions and administration and management (or our extended example for the term)
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