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Lagniappe is a Cajun French word for something a little extra. Back home, it often prefaced advice or some wisdom and when it comes to food, it’s one of the ways folks talk about appetizers or things folks may bring (which is the true technical definition of the word, as a little gift or bonus of some kind).

Here we’re using it as something extra of those things that are related to the course and related to your professionalization as teacher/scholars. It’s added to and may not apply to all of you.

What is rhetoric video

Here is where Blake Scott and I work toward an understanding of rhetoric as it applies to submission to the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine. I swing from loving it to hating it to all the places in between, but it is a valuable thing for y’all to watch/read to broaden or deepen your own understanding.

More on rhetoric

This site has been around in different forms forever and it’s something of a little rhetorical gift (talk about lagniappe!) Why? Because it does a super solid job of providing the basics of rhetoric, especially if you were looking at parts of rhetoric as a way to analyze language. Another one of its strengths is that the left gives you some big important overviews of rhetoric as a way to produce language and the right gives you the nitty gritty on lots of terms and concepts.

List Servs

There are a number of list servs where you can keep up with certain aspects of the field. Some are more vibrant than others. Following are some of the most common in the broad tent of Writing Studies. There are also a large number of niche list servs. For example, I belong to the RHM list service as well as the med-med list serv (for scholars researching in the history of medicine primarily in the medieval era). You will stumble upon these are you develop your own teacher/scholar interests.

in addition, Twitter is vibrant location for interacting, networking, sharing, and just some general laughs. Facebook has a series of groups and pages specific to different areas. Most professional organizations have a page or a group and then specialty areas definitely have them. Again, for example, RHM’s Facebook page is Flux: A Space for Rhetoricians of Health and Medicine. Searching helps with figuring out which ones you may want to join or follow.

Communication, Research, and Theory Network (CRTNET)

The Communication, Research, and Theory Network (CRTNET) is an email listserv housed at Penn State University and managed by NCA. NCA does not edit, alter, or block any CRTNET submissions. Subscribers receive daily plain-text emails on the subjects listed below. All subscribers are encouraged to contribute abstracts, calls, articles, announcements, grant opportunities, comments, questions, and discussion on all topics relating to the general area of human communication. Postings are free, except for position announcements.

Subscribe to CRTNET : Click here to subscribe, unsubscribe, or obtain back issues. Once you subscribe or unsubscribe, you will receive an email asking for confirmation.

CPTSC: Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Description:Virtual space for teachers and administrators of technical, professional, and scientific writing and communication programs, from full degree programs to the service course sequence.

Subscription Information:

Join the Listserv:

Join the Diversity Listserv:


Description:NextGEN provides graduate students with a space to network, collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in critical, supportive, and thought-provoking interdisciplinary writing and rhetoric studies conversations on both a national and international level. More specifically, nextGEN offers these conversations in a space that is moderated by, and produced for, graduate students.
Subscription Information: To subscribe:

  1. Go to the nextGEN listserv subscribe webpage(
  2. Check your email for a confirmation message from
  3. Copy-and-paste the emailed confirmation link into your browser WITHOUTthe “http://” prefix

ATTW-L: Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

Description:ATTW-L allows you to communicate through email with other members of the association. You can post job vacancies at your school, announce professional meetings, issue calls for papers, ask for assistance in locating pertinent research on a topic, survey the membership, exchange ideas for teaching, and discuss academic and professional issues.
Subscription Information:To subscribe, view archives, or change your list settings, visit the ATTW-L mailing list server at

WAC-L: Writing Across the Curriculum

Description: The leading list for discussion of writing across the curriculum. To subscribe or unsubscribe (or to do anything else related to managing your subscription to the list), please visit
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU.

WCENTER: Writing Centers’ Online Discussion Community

Description: The Wcenter listserv, although not affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association, is used by numerous writing center professionals who ask for advice and post research queries and writing center-related announcements to the writing center community. To subscribe to WCENTER, contact Elizabeth Bowen Archive are available at
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to

WPA-L: Writing Program Administration

Description: A long-standing list devoted to discussions of writing practices, pedagogy, research, and theory. Despite it’s name, the list is not sponsored by the Council of Writing Program Administrators ( Archives Available at: For more information on managing your membership, visit

WPA Announcements: Google Group!forum/wpa-announcements

Description: This Google group provides announcements of calls, job listings, conferences, and other matters of interest to Writing Program Administrators and those who teach rhetoric and composition in higher ed. Appropriate posts can include announcements for new sites, new books/articles, new journal issues, and other new/updated things of interest to those teaching in or managing writing programs. All messages are reviewed before posting. Please note that this is not a discussion list. It focuses only on distributing relevant details on new, evolving, and in-progress work relevant to the scholarship of writing, composition, rhetoric and teaching (and all the intersections of those areas). For questions about the list or to request that something is forwarded to the list, please contact the list owner, Traci Gardner <>.

Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit!forum/wpa-announcements/join.

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