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Learning Outcome

  • design a research project that puts research into action in some defined way (synthesis)

What you need to do

Your analysis assignment should have helped you hone down a topic or approach for your final project. To achieve the synthesis work, you will do one of the following:

  • create a full fledged research study design for a project. you would like to do that is framed by completed your literature review
  • write a seminar length paper that uses the literature review in it and then builds out the rest of the argument around it
  • produce a practically applied project of some form of technical and professional writing that is theoretically supported by your analysis assignment

In any. case, the final project will be substantial and it will also include a reflective memo as a separate document that explains how the final project meets the goals of rhetorical knowledge in action.

Due Date

working draft: 11-19-2019

final draft with reflective memo: 12-3-2019

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