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Learning outcome

  • explain the structure of academic arguments in published scholarship (comprehend)

In this assignment, your job is to engage with published literature learning and expand your knowledge of the moves made in academic prose. Here knowledge in action means that you’re gaining a stronger awareness of how to read academic prose so that you can produce it.

Your task

  • find an article in your area that may be useful for your project this term (see analysis or synthesis) or for another course’s project. Your job is to go through the essay and for each paragraph (yup, each paragraph) write down in your own words
    • what the paragraph says, which is its content
    • what the paragraph does, which is its role or function in the article (and if the doing is unclear that’s ok)
  • end your document with a section titled “reflection” and tell me what you learned from this assignment. IN other words, how is this rhetorical knowledge in action? and also, did it help you to understand the structure of academic prose better?

Email your assignment to me.  Name your file starting with your last name.

Due Date

September 17, 2019 before class.

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