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Learning outcome

  • practice writing academic arguments (apply)

For this assignment, you will be writing a series of short arguments to advance your own writing (and thinking) and skills.

What you need to do

The readings up to this point of the term can be (loosely) grouped into three categories

  • institutional. (the four readings from week two)
  • theory readings (Ahmed, AnzuldĂșa, and Agamben)
  • practice readings (Hovde, LaFrance, Ladner)

Your job is to write 4 short arguments. When I say “short argument” I mean that I would like for you to find something in the groups of readings that you can advance as an argument or idea. You do not need to integrate any outside sources other than the readings themselves. the goal here is to focus your argument in a defined way.

Please do not ask how long they need to be. The argument you choose will dictate the length, as will your own writing style and approach. My guess is that each one will likely be a couple or three single spaces pages at the max.

The fourth argument will require you to find a SINGLE connection between the three groups and write about it.


You are a writing super concise and limited academic arguments that are offering an analysis of the information you read.

Please use the current version of APA as your citation style if you are using citations. Put all four short arguments in one document using headings or other visual cues to alert me to the change.

Please name your file starting with your last name_.

Due Date

Send by email to on or before 3:30 on October 8, 2019.

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