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Learning Outcome

  • differentiate between types and kinds of research and knowledge (analysis)

In the spirit of creating workable course structures, the final two assignments definitely. scaffold into one another. While the first two provided more practice at reading and writing academic prose, the final two put the ideas of the course into practice into a project of your choice.

When I say project of your. choice, it needs to be a project with strategic goals and aims. that is, something that you can build on in other courses or to do specific work toward your dissertation (narrowing the topic, doing research toward it, writing words, etc) or it needs to be a practical project hat provides you the opportunity to develop skills that are directly transferable into the workplace.

I am happy to talk with you about your possibilities of projects, and please know that I am quite flexible for what these look like in the final stage.

What you need to do

In a short analytical report, you’ll choose at least two and no more than 5 pieces of scholarship that support your final project in some way.

Your analytical report will map the ways these pieces go together. It will do so both visually as well as in a more traditional verbal description. The latter can be viewed as a literature review in support of your final project.

For those projects that are more academic in nature, this assignment is rather straightforward. For those that are more practically focused,  you need. to think of this as a report that would potentially help justify. the decisions that you made for the project. In other words,  for practical projects there is likely literature out there that will help you understand the project better or theoretical explorations of the project’s topic.

Please save your file starting with your last name.

Due Date

Email your report to me by 5:00pm on October 29, 2019

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