Research SETs


Important case

USC eliminates student evals as part of tenure process

American Sociological Association statement against SETs (which is quite good and something all organizations should move toward)

Peer Reviewed Literature

In a 2022 article in Higher Education, Heffernan (*.pdf attached) analyzes the survey results of 674 academics to inform higher education leaders and the sector more widely of the amount and type of abusive comments academics are receiving. The work also demonstrates that the highest volume, most derogatory, and most threatening abuse is directed towards women academics and those academics from marginalised groups.

Katharine Gelber, Katie Brennan, David Duriesmith & Ellyse Fenton (2022): Gendered mundanities: gender bias in student evaluations of teaching in political science, Australian Journal of Political Science, DOI: 10.1080/10361146.2022.2043241

Rebecca Kreuzer (and others) have summarized a large body of the SET literature here.

An interesting and insightful article that is “quasi-experimental design, faculty members teaching identical online courses recorded welcome videos that were presented to students at the course onset, constituting the sole exposure to perceived gender and race/ethnicity.” And you can likely guess what the outcomes were.
mitigating gender bias

Calls for using diverse methods to evaluate teaching


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