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Week 8: March 4, 2021

Methods: observational
Study Design: positionally of researcher

Read for Class:

Skim all of these.

  • read the entry on observational research in the The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods (available through the library database)
  • Lillis, Theresa. (2008). Ethnography as method, methodology, and “deep theorizing”: Closing the gap between text and context in academic writing research. Written Communication, 25(3), 353-388.
  • Middleton, M. K., Senda-Cook, S., & Endres, D. (2011). Articulating Rhetorical Field Methods: Challenges and Tensions. Western Journal of Communication, 75(4), 386-406.
  • Broad, B. (2013). Strategies and passions in empirical qualitative research. In Nickoson, L., & Sheridan, M. P. (Eds.). Writing Studies research in practice (pp.197-209). Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.(scan)
  • Bay, J. L. (2019). Research Justice as Reciprocity: Homegrown Research Methodologies. Community Literacy Journal, 14(1), 7-25.
  • Jamieson, S. (2018). The evolution of the citation project: developing a pilot study from local to translocal. In T. Serviss & S. Jamieson (Eds.), Points of departure: Rethinking student source use and writing studies research methods. Utah State University Press.
  • Fairhurst, G. T. (2014). Exploring the Back Alleys of Publishing Qualitative Organizational Communication Research. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(3), 432-439.
Do for class:
  • Consider your own positionality and our ongoing discussions about the politics of citation¬†and ¬†attention to who is being left out (see questions on home page). Now, write (for your own use and nothing I will ask you to share) a researcher positionality statement.
In class:
  • positionally of the researcher
    • how does the impact the research practice and method
  • how do the readings today go together and how might they work with the ideas of the positionality fo the researcher from last week
  • what do I know? how do I know it?
  • discuss your literature review assignments and their relationship to your final projects

Due: Illustrate Assignment, 3-4-21


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