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Week 2: January 21, 2021

Topic: Study design: paradigms Practice: how to read research

Skim (really I mean skim) for class:

  • Johanek, C. (2000). Composing research: A contextualist paradigm for rhetoric and composition. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press. Chapter 2 (*.pdf)
  • Powell, K., & Takayoshi, P. (Eds.). (2012). Practicing research in writing studies: Reflexive and ethically responsible research. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press. Chapter 1 9 (*.pdf)
  • research methods from a communication perspective (*.pdf)
  • Smith, L. T. (2012). Decolonizing methodologies: Research and indigenous peoples (Second ed.). Zed Books. Intro (*.pdf)
  • Meloncon, L., & St.Amant, K. (2019). Empirical research in technical and professional communication:  A five-year examination of research methods and a call for research sustainability. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 49(2), 128-155.

Do for class:

  1. complete your explain assignment
  2. do some google or quick library research on research paradigms
    • search around a bit to get a general sense of what you think is meant by research paradigms and what are some common ones discussed
    • settle on what you think some important ones are particularly in light of your skimming of the readings for this week
    • create a visual summary and save it (start the file with your last name) in the google folder

In class:

  • Due: Explain Assignment
    • discussion of what you learned
    • strategies for reading and note taking
  • discussion of paradigms and types of research
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