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Week 13: April 8, 2021

Topics Practice: more on working with and analyzing data

Read for Class:
  • Markham, Annette N. (2013). Undermining ‘data’: A critical examination of a core term in scientific inquiry. First Monday, 18(10).
  • Gitelman, L. (2013). “Raw data” is an oxymoron. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (scan the intro; skim chapter 1)
  • Driscoll, Kevin, & Walker, Shawn. (2014). Working within a black box: Transparency in the collection and production of big Twitter data. International Journal of Communication, 8, 1745-1764.
Do for class:
  • consider how the idea of big data and even just data can influence your research study design. Pose two questions/comments about what role data play in research.
  • how do ideas of big data or data in general work in relation to our classroom example??
In class:
  • discussion of the readings
  • AMA on research and your debriefs of your projects

Due: Create Assignment


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