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Week 12: April 1, 2021

Topics Study design: thinking through data Practice: writing up research

Read for Class:
  • McNely, Brian. (2013). Spaces and surfaces of invention: A visual Ethnography of Game Development. Enculturation, 15.
  • Meloncon, L. and Schreiber, J. (2018). Advocating for Sustainability: A Report on and Critique of the Undergraduate Capstone Course. TCQ
  • Hsieh, H. F., & Shannon, S. E. (2005). Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. Qual Health Res, 15(9), 1277-1288
  • Charney, D. (2014). Editorial: Getting to “How Do You Know?” Rather Than “So What?” From “What’s New?”. Technical Communication Quarterly, 24(1), 105-108.
Do for class:
  • consider why you think I had you read these articles together. Then move toward a series of questions that you still have remaining about research methodologies, methods, and practices. Be prepared to discuss in class.
In class:
  • Returning to our classroom example, we will look at some additional data and try to hone a research question into something fully researchable
  • discussion of articles and your current understanding of methodologies, methods, and practices

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