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Week 11: March 25, 2021

Topics Methods: methods presentations (seminar credit students) Practice: writing method/ology sections

Read for Class:
  • Smagorinsky, P. (2008). The Method Section as Conceptual Epicenter in Constructing Social Science Research Reports. Written Communication, 25(3), 389-411.
  • Gries, L. E. (2013). Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Visual Rhetoric and Circulation Studies. Computers and Composition, 30(4), 332-348.
  • material work conditions and the program book
  • program outcomes
Do for class:
  • Return to your differentiate assignment: what would you change now? Anything? How has your understanding shifted or deepened (if at all)?
  • Bring questions related to writing up research for academic audiences
In class
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