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Terminology quiz

Learning outcome

  • Demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and terms associated with research

In this assignment, your job is to demonstrate your understanding of many of the key terms we have discussed and have engaged with throughout the term.

Your task

Following are a series of terms and concepts that I would like you to demonstrate your understanding of them by providing some sort of definition or explanation of what the term is, why it is important to research and/or research study design and how it is used or applied by providing an example (from something we’ve read or done this term).

The big key here is that the explanations are keyed to you and your own view. For some of them, there is definitely no “right” answer rather the answers will allow you to know what you know and how to explain or justify it when to others when needed.


Work at being as concise as possible.

  • methodologies
  • methods
  • practices
  • research study design
  • role of theory (or not) in research
  • role of ethics
  • positionality
  • reliability and/or trustworthiness
  • sampling

Consider the following methods and briefly give an example question where the method could be useful. Think in terms of our classroom example and some of the work you did early in the term on possible questions:

  • quasi-experiment
  • textual/rhetorical
  • survey
  • interview
  • focus group

Believe in yourself and believe in your work.

Due Date

April 22, 2021 (send as an attachment to an email.)

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