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Here you’ll find samples of the work done by both graduate and undergraduate students throughout the variety of courses offered by PW. The portfolio is designed to showcase the range of work done by students in the program and it includes many pieces done for real world clients in a variety of industries. Use the different tabs at the top of the portfolio works page to see the categories of work done by our exceptional students.

Featured Projects

We are always pleased with the work that our students produce as a part of their coursework, but the following projects are simply outstanding examples of the key methodologies we include in the Professional Writing program.

NFM_Cookbook Cover
CPTSC Final Program cover
Frame|work Magazine

This piece was created by the 2014 capstone class to highlight different aspects of professional writing, both in the academic community and the business world. The magazine aims to describe the myriad of career options and projects that real professional writers have pursued.

Northside Farmers Market Cookbook

The Northside Farmers Market cookbook is an e-publication created in Publishing & New Media for the Northside Community Fund. The work uses magazine-like features to pair foods with the farmers who produce the included ingredients.

CPTSC Conference Booklet

A graduate assistant created this booklet for the Council for Programs in Technical & Scientific Communication’s annual conference. The program is an excellent example of our program’s education on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.