Week 9: March 6

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March 6

Topic: Classroom Research 2

Read for Class:

Skim all around. Except the diagram. Look at the diagram.

Classroom related

Do for class:

  • Be prepared to do in an in-class exercise that describes your approach to research (like your methodology, methods, practices, literally how you get started)
  • Bring a short paper that attempts to connect the readings from this week to the readings from 2-27. Your goal is to not summarize the research, but attempt to summarize how/why I had you read these as it relates to your upcoming research assignment. Your paper should end with three good questions about what you read, concerns about how they go together, questions about your upcoming assignment, questions about the research process….in short just three well informed questions connected to the topic.
  • Come up with one research question/problem based on the syllabi and/or assignments coding you looked at earlier in the term

In class:

Guest Speaker: Ashley Patriarca

      • doing pedagogical and programmatic research
      • debrief syllabus assignment
      • teacher persona and classroom management
      • rubrics
        • mini-presentations from students