Week 8: February 27


Topic: Classroom research 1

Read for Class:

  • Verzosa Hurley, E., & Kimme Hea, A. C. (2014). The rhetoric of reach: Preparing students for technical communication in the age of social media. Technical Communication Quarterly, 23(1), 55-68.
  • Manion, C. E. (2012). Sharing an assessment ecology: Digital media, wikis, and the social work of knowledge. Technical Communication Quarterly, 21, 25-45.
  • Wang, J. (2013). Moving towards ethnorelativism: A framework for measuring and meeting students’ needs in cross-cultural business and technical communication. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 43(2), 201-218.
  • Pedagogical Research Categories in TPC (*.docx)

Research related:

In class:

I will be out of town at a conference. Your job is to simply read and take some notes. Pay particular attention to what you feel the strengths and weaknesses are of these three articles. Make note of questions you have about the research related readings.

and take a breath from completing your syllabus assignment

Due: Syllabus, assignments, exercises by March 2 at 9:00am