Week 4: January 30


January 30

Topic:  Service Course

Read for Class:

PP special issue (link will follow because you will get a preview of this issue before anyone else! Woo hoo!)

Do for class:

      • bring to class two potential research questions based on the data from the “what is good writing?” student prompt. These questions can be interrelated or they can be stand alone. They can also include or relate to other knowledge that you have or work that you are doing. The goal here is to work on formulating better research questions and how those questions work with the data.

In class:

Guest Speaker: Joanna Schreiber, Georgia Southern University

  • discussion of the special issue on the service course
  • collaboration (How to Build a Successful Team¬† *.pdf file)
    • good and bad discussion
    • role playing
  • discussion of outcomes, writing outcomes, and matching those to assignments

Due: Textbook review