Week 2: January 16


January 16

Topic: Frameworks and Philosophies

Read for Class:

      • Porter, J. E., & Sullivan, P. A. (2007). “Remapping curricular geography”: A retrospection. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 21(1), 15-20.
      • Cook, K. C. (2002). Layered literacies: A theoretical frame for technical communication pedagogy. Technical Communication Quarterly, 11(1), 5-29.
      • Russell, D. R. (2007). Rethinking the articulation between business and technical communication and writing in the disciplines: Useful avenues for teaching and research. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 21(3), 248-277.
      • Tillery, D. (2001). Power, language, and professional choices: A hermeneutic approach to teaching technical communication. Technical Communication Quarterly, 10(1), 97.
      • Henschel, S., & Meloncon, L. (2014). Of horsemen and layered literacies: Assessment instruments for aligning technical and professional communication undergraduate curricula with professional expectations. Programmatic Perspectives, 6(1), 3-26.

Do for class:

Be prepared that I will be calling on folks at random to provide a short summary and then a provocative question about each of these. Also these have quite a bit of jargon that may or may not explained to non-experts so write down whatever you don’t understand.

In class:

  • discussion of readings
    • visualization exercise (between frameworks and definitions)
    • how these influence teaching or not
    • connection to the definition readings from last week
  • talking about our pedagogical approaches