Week 13: April 3


Topic: Teaching Roundtable

Do for class:

  • Come prepared to ask our roundtable participants questions about teaching PTC or teaching in general. This is your chance to get some insider knowledge
  • Read back through your notes on the readings about research and research design and the potential research questions you thought about that you would have worked on had we continued the research assignment. In other words, come with two questions that you have some interest in that you think could be researchable .

In class:

      • first half of class will be a teaching roundtable with instructors to answer your questions and to simply talk about pedagogical challenges. Our guests include: Tanya, Mark, Katie, Meredith S., Allyson H.
      • The second half of class we’ll be talking about research and how you come up with a good research question, particularly in regards to pedagogical or programmatic research.