Week 12: March 27


Topic: Writing for Work 2

Read for Class:

You can skim these for this week. But be certain you’re walking away with how and in what ways these pieces are important to teaching practices.

  • Friess, E. (2013). Rhetorical appeals of professional designers in decision-making sessions. Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on, 56(4), 313-331.
  • Gulbrandsen, K. (2012). A new paradigm: Authorizing a rhetorical ground in technology transfer. Technical Communication Quarterly, 21, 87-104.
  • Andersen, R. (2014). Rhetorical work in the age of content management: Implications for the field of technical communication. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 28(2), 115-157.
  • Brumberger, E. (2007). Visual communication in the workplace: A survey of practice. Technical Communication Quarterly, 16(4), 369-395.
  • Ford, J. D. (2004). Knowledge transfer across disciplines: Tracking rhetorical strategies from a technical communication classroom to an engineering classroom. Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on, 47(4), 301-315.

Do for class:

In class:

      • case presentations
      • discussion of readings particularly in light of Ashley’s visit and in light of the curriculum at USF