Week 1: January 9


Topic: Definitions and introduction

Read for Class:

The pieces that you’re reading are insta-classics in the field of TPC. For each of these skim them enough to get some of the major points. Yes, they are mostly quite old, and that’s because TPC scholars lost interest in trying to define the field. But you need to have a sense of them because we’re going to use them in the class.

Do for class:

Please bring three questions that the readings raised for you. (typed up or hand written but written down on something that you can turn in).

Please take a moment to click through the course website (which is still very much in progress but has the bones of what you’ll be doing and reading).

In class:

  • group discussion about expectations of the course
    • brief overview of the course
  • mini lecture of TPC and “theoretical” origins
    • historical TPC
    • rhet-brick??
    • content knowledge versus teaching writing knowledge versus teaching knowledge
  • discussion of the readings
    • definitions of TPC