In this section, you’ll find weekly pages for the course. Download the One Page Schedule (*.pdf) or read it online as one page.

All information is subject to change, but those changes will be clearly noted on the daily ONLINE schedule and communicated with you in class or via email.

Each weekly page has three parts:

  • Read for class:
  • Do for class
  • In class

Read for class
You need to read this information for class because we will be using it or discussing it in some way.  There will be some notations that say “skim” or “read carefully.”  As you would imagine, “skim” means walk away with the general gist of what it says, while “read carefully” means exactly that. As a graduate course, I would think I don’t need to do my song and dance about reading.  Needless to say that if I ask you to read something then I have an expectation that you’ll read it before class because I’ve planned class around you having read it.

If it becomes clear we are not reading, then we will start doing reading responses and quizzes and other painfully punitive things that will suck all the joy out of learning.

Do for class
These are actual things you need to do–sometimes it’s to gather information, sometimes it’s just really thinking about something in a directed way, sometimes it’s generating questions, or sometimes it is something else.  In any case, these are specific action items that you need to do before class and be prepared to use them in class.

In class
This gives you an idea of what we’ll actually be doing in class. There are things that will be posted here way before class and some things I will add minutes before class.