USF Textbook Chapters

Background of the assignment

As we’ve learned in the early part of the term, there are a lot of different approaches to pedagogical material for the service course. We here at USF have used our own custom textbook for years. The text is currently in need of a refresh.

As a group, based on your reading and research and your own ideas, we’re going to brainstorm and agree to a new table of contents of what must be included in this text. Once we have this decided, we’ll divide up the chapters and get to revising, editing, and writing. Any chapter that is used in the final version will be credited to you  or your team.

This will give you a great opportunity to potentially earn a CV line, while also honing your skills of writing curricular material.

List of Chapters

Our overall approach: core text with scenarios and cases for each course

  • Rhetoric introduction (emphasizes the theory to practice to in some way)
  • Writing process
  • Usability and accessibility
  • ethics (more situational ?)
  • visual communication/design
  • collaboration
  • Genres
    • reports (emphasizes the different kinds and uses)
    • proposals/grants
    • correspondence (letters, emails, memos)
    • instructions
    • presentations
    • job materials
  • Langauge/concision/words/grammar (maybe as appendix or a list of good vetted sources online)

Write a chapter draft for the USF service course textbook

Due Date

4-17-2018 initial drafts

You may revise with revisions being turned in by our scheduled final. (To be clear, we will not have a final, but will simply use that date for the revision to be due.)