Pedagogical Research

Description of Assignment

One way for us to learn how to teach better or how to improve our programs is through research. While this seems to be an obvious statement, you have seen that the type and kind of pedagogical and programmatic research that is published varies tremendously.

Our guest speaker pointed out the problems with complicated and messy research findings and the need to do slow research.

This prompts the big question on what is the best way to design a research study specifically geared to pedagogical or programmatic practice. That’s your task in this assignment.


You will write a short research proposal that includes

  • a clear and concise research question or problem statement or hypothesis
  • engaged literature review (that delineates the research landscape and moves toward something)
  • methodological approach
  • methods to be deployed and rationale for those methods
  • sketched outline of the practice of research 
Due Date

4-3-2018 sent to me as an email attachment