Course Materials

Background of the assignment

Unfortunately, many graduate programs hadn’t graduate students sample syllabi and hope that students figure out how to create one based simply on modeling. Thus, one of our goals for this course is to actually give you a bare bones introduction to some of the concepts from teaching and learning to help you craft a syllabus that is meaningful, and more so, to get exposure as to why and how elements of syllabus come together.

A syllabus means a lot of things and it is often interpreted in many ways. Some people are all about short and pithy, while others are more comprehensive. Increasingly, institutions require that your syllabus contain certain elements. (Thus the section on the course policies page about the USF mandated sections.)

But being able to craft one and explain decisions is something that you will have to do at some point in your career (on the job market, at your first job, if you run a program one day) so this gives you the opportunity to practice that.


You will need to create for one of the three service courses

  • a syllabus that includes course description and outcomes and policies
  • a schedule that includes readings and assignment types and dates
  • a visually focused assignment (the full assignment sheet that you would hand to students)
  • a classroom exercise that would be used to help students understand the nuances of purpose and audience

Your materials will include a concisely written justification for your course to include a brief discussion of how your readings, assignment, and exercise work toward the learning outcomes of the course.

Due Date

February 27, 2018

You will create a single pdf that includes all of these parts. Please email to me as an attachment.