Classroom observation

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You will observe one of the service courses by arranging with an instructor to observe their class. You are there as an observer and not an active participant. You are free to have a conversation before or after with the instructor as a way to build a culture around improving pedagogy and learning from one another, but it is not required.

list of instructors teaching the service course

This is a google sheet and lists pertinent information about the course. You will need use your skills (and the USF directory) to get their email.

Here’s the tricky part. Each of you needs to visit someone different (unless there is some sort of problem and I’m happy to consider that). So please use the comment feature on this page to let others know who’ve contacted and then who you’ve set up your observation with. Or you can chat among yourselves or determine a better way. The idea here is that there is no need for all of you to email the first person on the list.

Thus, is someone already has an observation with an instructor other folks should not be contacting them.


You will send me an email memo that includes

  • whose class you observed
  • which class was observed
  • time and location of class
  • topic of the class

In addition, please include a short and clear answer to the following two questions:

  1. what one thing did you learn about teaching from observing this class?
  2. what one suggestion would you make to the instructor of this class?

Please send your memo within a day or two after you visit the class.

Due Date

by January 26, 2018 (this is the end of the second week of classes)