Problem-based scenario

Overview of Assignment

Based on the information from Jonathan and other materials, we’re going to attempt to create a problem-based scenario to be used in the service courses.

Working in teams, you will target your problem-based scenario to a particular major. Common majors in the service courses include

  • engineers (all the different disciplines from civil to mechanical to biomedical to electrical to chemical)
  • business (with a variety of specializations such as marketing, accounting, finance, management, etc.)
  • health sciences

You need to thoroughly research your topic, and while you can definitely use online sources (such as wikipedia and trade groups), it is also a good idea to do some library work (more academic and scholarly researched) to flesh out your topic.

  • written problem-based scenario with supporting materials (if applicable)
  • an assignment based on the problem-based scenario
  • assessment instrument for your case (can be a rubric) as long as your assessment instrument shows you have thought about how to asses the assignment based on the problem-based scenario

Be prepared to informally present your problem-based scenario to the class.

Due Date

March 20, 2018 (this is the week after spring break. Please do no wait until this week to start it.)