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Course Overview Transcript

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Technical Writing, ENG 4092 here at UC this spring semester 2016. I’m Meredith Singleton, and I’ll be your instructor for the course this term. I’m the Associate Director of Distance Learning at NKU and part-time faculty member of the English Department.

I just to take a few minutes to welcome you to the course and give you a brief overview of how to navigate through the course, how the course is set up, and where you should get started for the first part of the semester.

So, let’s take a few minutes just to take a look through the course.

Our course is going to start on the weekly schedule page by default. I would recommend that you take a look at this page several times a week just to make sure you stay on top of these due dates. I don’t foresee our course changing in terms of schedule over the term, but if you find discrepancies or if there are going to be changes, I’m going to be sending you weekly emails and you should follow the dates that are in that weekly email as the correct information. If you do find discrepancies, please let me know as soon as possible so I can go in and take a look at what the discrepancy is within the course.

Another area that you should look at regularly is the announcements. This is where I will create our weekly emails from and where I will keep them posted. So, if I send out an email and you miss it, be sure you log in to the course and find it here.

Our course is set up in units. Some of the units we’ll spend several weeks on, some only a week or two. Spend some time first on the Start Here Tab. Spend some time reading through the information. Read through how the course will work. Make sure you have a good understanding of that.

Next, you’ll want to take a look at our syllabus and course information. I’m going to be providing a few of those more important pieces to you in videos but you do want to make sure you spend time with the printed version reading it in entirety and in detail. All of our course policies and information are detailed in the syllabus and in the tab. Our learning outcomes are also located in this tab. A short video I’d like you to watch. It’s kind of old, but it does still do a good job of describing what a technical writer does. Our course expectations are also listed here. I want to make sure that you spend some time with the netiquette tools and how to be respectful in the online course in terms of interactions with peers and with me.

Our required text is Practical Strategies for Technical Communication. It’s a great textbook with nice examples and is easy to read. A copy will be on reserve in the library for you.

This tab also overviews the tools required for the course, how I’ll be grading, really all of the information that you would find in the syllabus is also located in this tab.

From there, you can take a look at my information. I am located on campus on a regular schedule. I am available MWF by appointment in person and I will open a WebEx chat from 1 to 2 pm if you’d like to chat informally. Otherwise, I would like you to schedule an appointment so we have some dedicated time to address your issue.

So our course is broken down into units. Each of these units will appear as we get close to them. For now all that you will see is Unit 1. This is going to be the basics of technical writing. We’re going to be spending several weeks in this unit to get you the foundation of what you need to move on. As you work through our units, everything is provided for you in the order that you’ll need it. So, you’ll just move from item to item to item down through the course unit as we progress through it. Some of these won’t be available to you in this first unit until we get close to the task. Simple work through each of these entries in order and you’ll stay on track. That’s how all of our units are set up within this course.

I do want to bring your attention to the quick links area of our course. These are designed to allow you to move directly to the task you want to complete without having to navigate through the course unit. You might read through the materials in the unit, but not have time to complete the task. The quick links allow you to log back in and navigate directly to the task you want to complete. These are quick access to the various to-do tasks you will complete in the course. Instead of having to go through the course unit and scroll through the entries.

I’ve set up some direct links to some of the tools you may need this term. Emailing me or your peers. How to access My Grades and some other tools if you’d like.

So I just wanted to take a few minutes to overview the course to give you a sense of how it will work. But you should definitely spend some good time on this the first couple of days getting to know the course.

You will be asked to complete a short quiz that tests your knowledge of the details of the course, and you will need to pass that quiz to move on. So make sure you spend some time with the detailed information. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any point. Don’t let your question go too long without an answer. I’m available to you online, or you can call me on the phone, you can pop into my office if you’re local. Please reach out to me. I’m here as a resource to you to make sure you’re successful. From here, just start poking around. Let’s start off on a great foot. Good luck with the term.

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