And we’re live

by Lisa Melonçon

I’ve been wanting to build this site for awhile. At least 4 years. But, it was never directly attached to a course or to a research project. It became more of a passion project that I would tinker with when I had time.

Too often we end up being siloed and by ourselves, and we end up using our precious time and energy to re-invent the wheel. We’re hoping that this site helps you not have to do that when it comes to accessibility for online and face-to-face courses. Cause even so many of our face-to-face courses rely on online components through our learning management systems or course websites.

As the credits page makes clear, we did try to integrate it into a couple of courses when I was at the University of Cincinnati, but for a host of reasons, we got a lot of content, but no structure that really worked.

Then, I met Sherena Huntsman, who is as interested in making courses accessible as I am. She took on this project and made it into what you see today. She created the information architecture, re-organized and streamlined materials, added content on teaching, and a host of other things. In short, she made this big idea in my head more of a reality.

We are committed to keeping the site updated and adding more information to it. We would truly like for it to be a community of practice. So you can contact us to submit information or ideas. Or write a blog or contribute to the larger conversation.